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2nd Grade – February

January 27, 2010

February 3rd –Chapter 11: We Worship God – Worshiping God is essential to being a Catholic Christian.  The Sacraments are primary ways we encounter God.  Any ideas you have for this chapter? Please do share!

February 10th –Lenten Lesson (create your own lesson) – Any good ideas you’ve used in the past that you plan on using to discuss Lent?

February 17th –Ash Wednesday – Classes will attend Mass together.

February 24th – Chapter 15: We Gather For Mass – Mass is centeral to our Faith.  Sharing how it is important to your family would be a great way to help your students continue to understand how special it is.  What is your class going to do?


1st Grade – February

January 27, 2010

February 3rd – Chapter 17: We Live as a Community – One of the great things about being Catholic is our community of Faith.  This chapter among other things highlights St. Louis, King of France.  Look him us and share with the students what a servant he was and how he made a great impact in so many communities by serving as Christ would have.  Please share if you have an idea you are going to share in class.

February 10th – Lenten Lesson (create your own lesson) – There are so many great ideas.  Help your students focus on growing closer to Jesus this Lent.  Giving something up is great, but only if it helps us be closer to Jesus and love others more. Any ideas you want to share?

February 17th – Ash Wednesday – Classes will be going to Mass together – What a great way to begin Lent!

February 24th – Chapter 19: We Love God – This chapter discusses the 10 commandments.  Help your studnets see how living the 10 commandments helps us know if we are doing God’s will (what God wants).  How do you hope to share this with your studnets?

Kindergarten – February

January 27, 2010

No classes on February 7th and 14th

February 21st – Chapter 18: The Holy Spirit Helps Us – There are some great ideas (the windsock or the Holy Spirit hat) in your notebook.  Do you have anything you are going to introduce to your students?

February 28th – Chapter 19: We Make Choices – Helping children grow in virtue is how they make good choices regularly.  Please share any ideas you have about this lesson.

Pre-School 4 – February

January 27, 2010

No Class on February 7th and 14th

February 21st – Chapter 17: God Made Plants – Genesis 1:1-13, 29-30 shows us how God made the world wonderful.  How do you hope to help your students appreciate creation?

February 28th – Chapter 18: God Rested – Genesis 2:1-3 shares how on the 7 day of creation God rested for all the work he had done.  What ideas to you have to help your students see that Sunday is a time we need to rest and keep holy the Lord’s Day?

Pre-School 3 – February

January 27, 2010

No class on February 7th or February 14

February 21st –Chapter 23: The Lost Sheep – Luke 15: 3-7 for this week’s lesson.  Please share your ideas about how you are going to use the ideas suggested in your notebook or if you have a craft or idea you are going to introduce.

February 28th – Chapter 24: The Man Who Thanked Jesus – Luke 17: 11-19 is the basis for this week’s lesson.  Being Thankful is a invaluable lesson to pass on to children.  What ideas do you have that you are going to present?

Year II Confirmation – January

December 21, 2009

January 10th – The 6th and 9th Commandments – Theology of the Body… Fr. Matthew will share in the Lower Level.

January 17th – The 7th and 10 Commandments – Social Justice – Did you find the homework assignment helpful so your students were more engaged during today’s class.  Any ideas to share?

January 24th – Chapter 4/session 4: Oil of Salvation – What ideas do you have to engage your students in the 1st 30 minutes of class?

January 31st – Confirmation Session #3 – no evening classes

Year I Confirmation – January

December 21, 2009

January 10th – Chapter 12: Jesus Christ the Savior – What are your plans for helping students understand our need for a Savior?

January 17,24&31 – Project Genesis